Petitions for April 26,2020

by Terry Trudeau

PETITIONS FOR THE THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER—APRIL 26th, 2020ST VINCENT DE PAUL CHURCH  For the world in turmoil due to the pandemic of viral sickness but also the pandemic of violence, exploitation, and war— that Christ’s reign of love bring healing and peace.  Many people are on significant journeys— missionaries, health care workers, […]

Easter Vigil Petitions

by Terry Trudeau

General Intercessions Easter Vigil April 11, 2020 As the Church keeps vigil throughout the world tonight, may our faith in the invincible light of Christ sustain us through any dark days ahead. As parishes keep vigil with those longing to celebrate their sacraments of initiation, may Diana, Freeman, Caitlin, Diane, and Chioma hold fast to […]

Holy Week: A Time to Honor & Heal the Relationship between Christians & Jews

by svwebmaster

Reflections from a St Vincent’s Parishioner In this holiest of seasons, we Christians are called to celebrate the love God showed for us by grafting us onto the “olive tree” of those first called into a sacred covenant relationship with God: the Jewish people (Romans 11). It is hard for us to hear that our […]

Petitions for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

by Terry Trudeau

General Intercessions April 5, 2020 ~ Palm Sunday Let us lift up all worshipping communities during this coronavirus crisis: For outreach to those most in need, For pastoral support and spiritual guidance, For the ever-present reminder that we are One Human Family, we pray . . . Let us lift up those who are carrying […]