A Message from St. Vincent’s Parish regarding COVID-19

by svwebmaster

My Dear Church Family,  May God protect us and heal the World!  This is a time for deep prayer and caution.  In my lifetime, I have never experienced anything like this coronavirus. Please let’s pray each and every day. I am enclosing a prayer that I found was powerful, so let me encourage you and your […]

Petitions for January 23-24

by Terry Trudeau

Prayers of the FaithfulThird Sunday of Ordinary TimeJanuary 23-24, 2021 God of glory, we pray that all churches will be voices for social,economic, and racial justice that will help our country to heal thewounds of division. God of justice, we pray for the safety of our newly installedadministration. May President Biden and Vice-President Harrisbe covered […]

Petitions for January 1, 2021 The Solemnity of Mary

by Terry Trudeau

PETITIONS FOR THE SOLEMNITY OF MARY MOTHER OF GOD St Vincent de Paul Parish – January 1, 2021 Blessed Mary, handmaid of the Lord , intercede for us to beresponsive to the voice of God, the voice of conscience, in the face ofan unknown future that may very well require heroic commitment . Letus pray […]

Petitions for January 3, 2021

by Terry Trudeau

Prayers of the FaithfulThe Epiphany of the LordJanuary 3, 2021 Lord, may your light shine on your Church, on Pope Francis and all Church leaders. In this divided world may they be models of inclusiveness. Lord, may your light shine on our country’s newly elected administration. May they promote racial and economic justice, gun control, […]

Petitions for December 13, 2020

by Terry Trudeau

General Intercessions Third Sunday of Advent ~ December 12-13, 2020 Let us pray for the Church’s social ministry throughout the world.May Christians always bring glad tidings to those who are poor, brokenhearted, or imprisoned. Let us pray for migrants and refugees who seek a better life for their families.Through compassionate immigration reform and the efforts […]

Petitions for December 6, 2020

by Terry Trudeau

For the Church throughout the world:During this time of pandemic, may parishes find new waysto minister to the spiritual and physical needs of all God’s people. We pray… For the ongoing struggle for racial justicein our nation, our city, and our St. Vincent’s community:May we not rest until “every valley is filled in, every mountain […]

Petitions for First Sunday of Advent November 30, 2020

by Terry Trudeau

General Intercessions Let us pray for a holy and fruitful Advent season.May all who struggle with the present darknessof illness, racism, and political strifeanticipate God’s peaceful and healing light. Let us pray for Black Catholics everywhere.May the gifts of Blackness be recognized and welcomed in every faith community,especially here at St. Vincent’s. Let us pray […]