• Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Germantown
  • All are welcome
  • Vincentian values inform our worship and our service
  • The celebration of the liturgy is central to us
St. Vincent de Paul is a faith community striving to live Jesus' gospel message of love, peace, and justice for all peoples.

Mass Times

Sunday: 9am & 11am
Saturday: 4pm
Tuesday - Friday: 7am

October is Mass Count Month. Let's make it our "Evangelization Month" where we each aim to bring someone new to Church with us!

Family Mass: In preparation for Thanksgiving, we invite you to join us for a Thanksgiving craft session and Family Mass on Saturday, November 12th. The craft
session will begin at 3pm in the Hospitality Room, and conclude with 4pm Family Mass and pizza dinner afterwards.


Brother Al is receiving a prestigious award from St. John's University at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on Thursday, October 27th!

Father Sy will be preaching a mission in Scott Township from Saturday, October 22nd until Wednesday, October 26th. Please keep him in prayer and that the Holy Spirit will use him.

DePaul Catholic School Cleanup:Please join us in a cleanup of the area outside St. Francis of Assisi church, next to DePaul Catholic School, on Saturday, October 29th, from 9:30 until 11:30am. We are excited about the future of this space. Bring gardening gloves! For more info, contact Kelly at kbielby@thedepaulcatholicschool.org.

Toy Collection for Columbia: New parishioner Saamara Kaylor is asking for our donations of new toys for low-income children (ages 1 to 6 years) in Buenaventura, Colombia—her hometown. She needs these by October 30 in order to get them to Colombia by Christmas. Look for a “Giving Pumpkin” with little paper pumpkins indicating the gender and age of a child, and bring your unwrapped and marked gift to church on any October weekend Mass! For more information, contact Saamara: 210-722-3870 saamarasanchez@yahoo.com.

All Souls Day: Join us for an evening of remembrance on Wednesday, November 2 at 7pm. If you have a person you wish remembered at that time, please call the Rectory.

Youth Ministry Meeting: We invite you to come for fellowship in Christ with your peers in the Hospitality Center behind the church. Youth group is open to youth in grades 6-12. Youth Masses will be on October 30 at both the 9 & 11. Youth Group meetings will be on November 20 and December 4. For more information, email Dan and Katie at: youthministry@saint-vincent-church.org.

Lectors Fall Schedule: Lectors, please sign up for Oct/ Nov/ Dec dates in the Liturgy Prep Room, near the main door to the church. Please also indicate if you’d like to plan or attend an Advent Lectors morning (pot-luck breakfast, refresher on our ministry, and Advent prayer) on Sat morning Dec. 3, here at St. Vincent’s!

Security: When you have evening meetings, the police has advised us that you should leave in groups. We are meeting with local police so that our grounds are very safe.

Ministry Room in Church Office Building
There is a room that we have in the church office building that could be used by a church organization or ministry. If interested in using this space, please call the parish office.


Latest News

Vincentian Virtues Pledge

In celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent DePaul, and the 200th anniversary of the Vincentian Mission in America, the congregation of St. Vincent DePaul took the following pledge. At this celebration of the Feast of St. Vincent DePaul, in this 200th year of Vincentian presence in the United States, we commit ourselves as a […]

Meekness (by Mairin McDonnell)

The book definition of meekness states that “it is an attribute of human nature and behavior. It has been defined several ways: righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering.” As a Christian, meekness is an attribute of a true disciple. The Apostle Paul gave us an example of meek behavior when he was writing to […]

Meekness (by Sister Michelle Loisel, DC)

“Meekness,” for Vincent does not convey the full meaning in English. More adequate might be “firm gentleness,” meaning the right balance between being gently strong and strongly gentle. This is a trait Vincent sees in Jesus and often advises his followers to put into practice. A servant who would gain the confidence of the poor […]

Recent Bulletins

Capital Campaign

Welcoming All to Raise the Roof!
The campaign for St. Vincent DePaul Parish in Germantown.

The Capital Campaign is up and running we've already raised over 1/2 our goal of $750,000! Stay tuned for more news and more ways to get involved. Please consider how you might donate your time, talent, and treasure to preserve the rich history of Catholicism in Germantown, and the important work of St. Vincent's ministries.

Read more about the campaign here.

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Daily Reflection

I will be away until Thursday preaching a Mission. Please pray that the Holy Spirit use me. ...

Tuition Scholarship Forms

St. Vincent families in need of financial help, who send
their children to Catholic Schools (Grammar and High School), can pick up a form in the back of the church. You must be an active parishioner.

Amoris Laetitia

A few weeks ago, we hosted a conversation on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, in which members of our community reflected on his call to the "Joy of Love." Recently, Archbishop Chaput published pastoral guidelines for implementing Amoris Laetitia in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. I would invite all of us to continue our reflections and also to read and reflect on the Archbishop's guidelines. Our hope is to host some conversation around them. The original exhortation and the guidelines are can be found here:

Amoris Laetita
Pastoral Guidelines

Decorate Our Space with Your Treasures

Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around, and see the beauty in ordinary things.
-Thomas Merton

You are invited… to consider this quotation as you pay attention to “the beauty in ordinary things”, this summer. Our reflection space in the back of the church during the summer months of Ordinary Time will be dedicated to your offerings of items you may find…on a summer walk at the beach, in your back yard, or on a city street…whatever you notice that speaks to you in a special way, for its beauty and splendor, feel free to add to the space as a reminder of the splendor that God has for us, all around.

Eucharistic Ministers for the Homebound

We have a few people in need of a monthly visit to distribute Holy Communion. If you can visit another person, please call Barbara Carey at (215) 438-2652.